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Madmation animation studio is the home to creative professionals offering world-class video animation services in the world. We started out as a team of motion graphics provider and animated ad maker artists who began their careers.

How it works

It’s super easy to get your own custom animated video production with the Madmation. Simply tell us about your great idea and your goals. Then you go over the script and voice-over we create for you, choose your style of animation services.

Free Trial

Not sure if an animated video editing service is what you need? No problem! Simply select the free trial and see if you like what we produce for you. With the free trial, you get a 20-second animated video for FREE! Zero commitment.

Madmation Studio Services

Premium 2D Animation

Amp up your marketing and advertising to get our Premium 2D animation videos with unique cartoon characters customized according to your needs.

Our simple yet engaging 2D animation services is sure to engage your audience. Put a modern spin on your ads with our 2D cartoon animation backed by a charismatic voice-over and unbelievable motion graphics.

Specify your own typography and choose from our many talented voiceovers. Whether you need a marketing video, promotional video, or an explainer video, our 2D animation services are perfect for small setups and large businesses alike.

Our premium 2D animation is ideal for advertising on social media including Instagram, Facebook, and youtube.

Standard 2D Animation

Hop in on the trend of digital media marketing with our standard 2D animation. Whether you need a Facebook video ad, Instagram video ad, or a youtube video.

We carefully crafted professional, Premium 2D animation is guaranteed to make your product and your business stand out!

Our marketing and promotional videos have helped thousands of brands get recognized. Take your first step towards success with our top class 2D animation video.

With smooth standard 2d animation graphics, appealing typography, and engaging voiceover. Our commercial and advertisement video will help you reach a wider audience and greatly improve your sales.

Basic 2D Animation

Looking to market your product or explain your services? Need to make an educational video or course video? A 2D animation video is the best way to go.

Our animation services videos are great at capturing the audience’s attention with our imaginative animation, impressive motion graphics, and professional voiceover.

Whether you need an explainer video, a sales video, promotional video, or advertisement video, our 2D animations make a great choice. Use it as a video ad on Facebook and Instagram and reach a wider audience.

We help you get your point across in a world that is always distracted. Our basic 2D animation is sure to get you and your business or services noticed.

White Board Animation

In today’s busy world, traditional marketing and advertising often does not work.This is where our motion whiteboard animation videos come in handy.

It’s a fast world and people are too busy to watch long boring advertisements. The professionally crafted whiteboard animation is customized to your needs and suits the audience you wish to reach.

Our animation services, explainer videos, premium animation videos, and other services will help you stand out among the crowd of online chatter, and boost your business.

In addition, we also make videos for kids. Whiteboard animation is very suitable for making learning or educational videos that help explain complex concepts in a simple manner.

Educational Video Production

The world is changing, the way we learn, teaching is also changing, but Educational Video Production Company concluded that video is a great medium for sharing ideas and educating your audience.

Education learning videos are very common now a day because every person trying to increase their education business using animation.

Video helps with engagement and retaining the information. People who learn through a video are likely to remember more than those who simply read about it.

We also work on those education animation videos that are used for advertising your business on social media websites like Facebook, twitter, Instagram, linkedin, Pinterest, and many other social media websites

Explainer Videos

If you are always putting out videos and are wondering why you’re still not getting noticed, chances are you need to add a professional touch to your videos (Explainer video).

We will enhance your videos while keeping your message and tone intact, so your message gets across efficiently and reaches a wider audience.

We tailor your videos so they are perfect for advertising on social media including Facebook, twitter, Instagram, linkedin, pinterest, youtube and many other social media websites 

In addition to Basic 2d animations, we also work on video editing for kid’s graphics, 2d cartoon animations, and every types of explainer videos.

Healthcare Video Production

The animation videos are rapidly growing to meet the growing need for healthcare information services. We provide animation videos that can be used by healthcare professionals to make their work easier and more effective.

Animation video production companies have helped healthcare professionals achieve this aim successfully.

There are many healthcare professionals who are using our animation videos in the healthcare industry. Healthcare Video production companies are a perfect solution to increase customer engagement.

We have created powerful healthcare information video animations that are used by our clients on different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest,  to create healthcare animation messages for an audience.

Sales / Promotional Videos

Wishing to boost your business or a product? Looking for a better marketing strategy? Want to increase those sales? Get yourself a sales promotional video from Madmation.

See us when you want to grow your business. If you are just starting out we will help you get noticed. If you are already established we help you raise your sales revenue.

Our marketing and advertisement videos and live explainer videos are engaging and capture the audience’s attention. You may write your own script or our professional writers will write one for you.

Our sales promotional videos are creative and use the right visuals with beautiful colors and stunning typography.

See How Our Clients are Reacting to Our Animations

Listen to these and dozens more happy and satisfied business owners who partnered with us for their video animation needs. We want you to be the next happy partner here. Get started with a Free premium 20-sec trial video.


It matched the audio perfectly I'm so thankful. 😄 They were spot on with communication and patient enough too walk me through the process.



Exceeded my expectations with every interaction and will engage again when we need another Animation video. The quality of video is great it is exactly what we needed for our website.



I will be the first to admit to being an inexperienced and, therefore, difficult client. Although I gave the animator a voice track and timing guide with general ideas of animations at each time code, I initially failed to provide some of the images and website wireframes that I should have to enable the animator to be successful on the first try. The animator did his best to respond to my concerns during each revision cycle. There were a few missteps on the animator's part, (cutting off the end of my live portion at the final L-cut, choosing the wrong style of music track initially, making the new music track too loud), but these were minor issues. I'm pleased with the final result.



Why is 2D animation a popular choice?

Because it’s fast, simple, cost-effective, and gives brilliant results. 2D animation includes everything needed to convey the message effectively: you’ve the visuals with bright vibrant colors, you’ve cute characters, you’ve soothing voice over, music, and a great script based on storytelling to keep the watchers hooked. All of these elements aid together to boost greater sales and brand awareness, 70% marketers say. Get started now to leverage the power of 2D animation videos that you might be missing out until now.

What does your 2D animation video include?

Everything. We start from asking you the critical information or story you want to convey, and your end-goals. Then our experts sit together to research, brainstorm perfect ideas to showcase whatever that is, write engaging scripts, and create custom voice over, music, and even sound effects. Throughout we keep you updated, and even ask for your contribution if you have something epic in mind. Together we work as a team to create something that yields awesome results. Get started now.

What is the Voice over?

The voiceover is basically the background narration. A strong voiceover plays a big role in how your audience reacts to your video. Our professional voiceover artists add life to our animation services. You’re welcome to provide one in your own voice if you want.

What is Script?

Your animated video production script is the backbone of your animated video production. It’s the first step in our process. A script is what the animation service will be based around. You may provide your own script but if you’re not sure our in-house professional scriptwriters will create one for you.

Which things are required to get started?

To get started we simply need a few details about your business, your product or service, how it works, and what message you need to share with the animated video production.

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