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Get persuasive 2D explanatory videos, product demo videos, promotional, educational, healthcare videos, and so much more. Madmation is a hotspot for all of your animation video needs. 

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60,000 Times Better than Text

Our brain perceives visuals 60,000 times faster, compared to plain text. With animated videos, you can easily engage your target audience so much better. You can tell your brand stories, introduce your products, and explain complex ideas and products in a simple, easy-to-digest way.

A 1-minute powerful, compelling, and digestible 2D animated video can be more result-driven than a thousand word long plain text. Get started with a free 20-sec trial video.

29% More Traffic. For Free

Videos are proven to be more engaging. People love watching fun, and story-telling videos that are short and digestible. That’s why video content gets 29% more shares than text. And that means, with 2D animation videos, you can get 29% more eye-balls on your website, social media, or product pages. More traffic means more sales. More sales means more revenue. Get started with a free 20-sec trial video.

Proven Enhanced Conversion Rates. Confirmed by over 70% Marketers. 

Over 70% of business owners, who have nailed video marketing campaigns, confirm that videos always get more conversions. No matter what industry you’re in, what you sell, or tell – you can always expect better conversion rates with powerful, customized, and engaging 2D animation videos. Get started with a free 20-sec trial video.

Let them Literally See What You Do.  

Your clients or customers will only do business with you if they can trust you. So it’s your job to give them justifiable reasons. Engage them, excite them, invite them, entertain them, and inform them with whatever you can to build trust. And 2D animation videos are the way to do it: let them visualize even the most complex ideas in simple, short 2D videos. Get started with a free 20-sec trial video.

The Heart of Your Marketing Campaigns.

Videos are everywhere. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and whatnot. Ever wondered why? Because they connect way deeper. People can literally visualize the products, its usage, how it can benefit, and all. That’s why every marketing campaign starts with an epic creative video that instills the desired hype, information, and sales techniques to convert more. 

But, what’s even awesome with 2D animation videos is that they’re simple, fast, inexpensive, and yet bring the same powerful results. You’ll never ever have to cope with the creative directors, hiring actors, setting locations, and not to forget, paying the heavy cheques. 

This is why 2D animation videos are much better. Have them also as your brand assets to educate, persuade, and tell people who you really are, and how you can benefit them with your products or services. All with simple, short, and catchy short videos. Get started with a free 20-sec trial video.

See How Our Clients are Reacting to Our Animations

Listen to these and dozens more happy and satisfied business owners who partnered with us for their video animation needs. We want you to be the next happy partner here. Get started with a Free premium 20-sec trial video.

It was awesome working with Madmation – DesignU

I had an idea in mind and they made it happen. Thank you! – PottySafe

 I’ve got four video animation services so far, and I’ll definitely go back to them in the future – Benwrigg. 


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