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Explainer Video Production

If you are always putting out explainer video and wondering why you’re still not getting noticed, chances are you need to add a professional touch to your videos.


Video animation can give your videos the boost you seek. We will enhance your videos while keeping your message and tone intact.


Your message gets across efficiently and reaches a wider audience. In addition to marketing and advertising videos, we also provide services for kids and educational videos.


We take your video editing responsibility, so they are perfect for advertising on social media including Facebook, Instagram, and youtube.

Ideas that Work – About Animation Video

Your institute needs to reach a wider and broader audience, to fulfill whatever mission you have. You need to get your message across. You need to be discovered by more people; students, parents, professionals, investors, and like-minded individuals. Only then your mission will be more impactful, more wide-spread – affecting more lives for the better. And Madmation is willing to help you get more reach.

With the help of our creative experts; writers, marketers, and animators, we will design epic campaigns to move the right people. Through marketing campaigns, whether you wish to talk to parents, students, teachers, researchers, or investors – we’ll help you with creative ideas that work. Ideas that move people, to inspire and create a meaningful change. Get in touch now to get more people helping your mission.

Sales / Promotional Videos

Wishing to boost your business with sales promotional videos? Looking for a better marketing strategy?

Want to increase those sales? Get yourself a video from Madmation, then watch as your business grows. If you are just starting out we will help you get noticed. If you are already established we help you raise your sales revenue.

Our sales promotional videos are engaging and capture the audience’s attention.You may write your own script or our professional writers will write one for you.

Our sales promotional videos are creative and use the right visuals with beautiful colors and stunning typography.

No, these are not Just Cartoons!

If you’re thinking 2D animation may feel “cartoonish”, and may hurt your brand image by making it look less serious – well, we hate to break it to you, but you’re in the wrong. It’s a billion dollar market: from 2018-2020, it was around 259 billion US dollars. And it’s increasing explosively, so much that Statistica reports it may reach $650+ billion by 2030.

More and more brands are now adopting the trend. Why? Because of the two main reasons: 2D explanatory videos are cost-friendly, and – they work! And that’s exactly what you want as a business owner.

So, get in touch right now to hop on to the trend, and make your message more effective.

Get 2D Explanatory Videos With the Quality You Expect

Exclusive, on-demand 2D animated explanatory videos created just for your brand. No matter what industry you’re in, get in touch now to experience magic in 2D.

Our Portfolio

Madmation offers a video editing service you can trust. We offer a range of professional Explainer video services including cloud editing and YouTube video editing service. What’s more our services cost is affordable for small to mid-sized businesses, so there’s really no reason not to try.

Explore samples from our video editing services below to get an idea of what to expect.

Who We Are

Madmation animation studio is the home to creative professionals offering world-class video animation services in the world. We started out as a team of motion graphics provider and animated ad maker artists who began their careers.

How It Works

It’s super easy to get your own custom animated video production with the Madmation. Simply tell us about your great idea and your goals. Then you go over the script and voice-over we create for you, choose your style of animation services.

Get A Quote

Not sure if an animated video editing service is what you need? No problem! Simply select the free trial and see if you like what we produce for you. With the free trial, you get a 20-second animated video for FREE! Zero commitment.

Help Us Help You

Get started with your project now. Traditional forms of videos are becoming a thing of the past because they’re harder to produce. There is so much involved: hiring a video agency, waiting for months, paying big money, and at the end of the day, results are still risky. Let us help you with something modern and amazing: whiteboard animations, the proven trustworthy, less-costly, compelling, and effective.

Our Process

The success of our clients lies in our process. We make it simple and easy for you, and do the heavy burden-lifting ourselves. That leaves you happy and satisfied, and gives us a better chance to serve you with our services.

We take the project

Upon the call, message, or email, whatever you prefer. We take all the critical information from you. Don’t worry, if you still don’t know what exactly you need, or feel stuck, we always ask the right questions so you can tell us as much as possible to make your project a hit.


We discover, analyze, and breakdown strategies of your competitors, historical relevant videos, norms of current trending videos, your audience’s taste, demographics, and literally anything that can help.


Our studio-experts then start rough illustrations based on the research.

Story, script, sound effects, music

Based on the drawing and mood of the video, we create compelling story-based scripts, customized sound effects, and even add music if that can boost results.


Here, our exclusive magic begins. We merge everything here; we edit out unnecessary parts, and really spend so much time and energy here, leaving zero gap of improvement. This is where our years of experience, our understanding of the marketing and advertising world, and human nature helps us. And this is where we differ from our peers.

Finished Animation Submitted

Finally, we submit the finished art with you. If for any reason, you don’t love the piece, or want something changed, we start all over again without a question.


Our studio-experts then start rough illustrations based on the research.

Happy you

Then you can distribute your publish-ready animations wherever you want and see the results pouring in. Get started.

FAQ’s About Explainer/Promo Videos

I’m Ready To Place An Order But What Information Do You Need From Me?

Great! So I need a script/storyboard, your targeted audience, company details, and logo in high resolution (Transparent). You can send me a voiceover if you have one.

What About Revision Of Explainer Videos?

I offer revisions only in the explainer animation videos. But if you need revisions in voice-over, then there will be an extra cost for voice revision. So please make sure you have provided me with the final script.

What Is Your Revision Policy? How Many Revisions Will You Do In Explainer Video Services?

We will keep working on the video until you’re satisfied. Nevertheless, please make sure that you are going to provide us with specific details. Entire scenes can’t be changed once the script is approved by you.

I Don’t Have A Script, Could You Help With That?

Of course, I have a Professional Scriptwriter who will be happy to assist you. You can take the Premium package for the Scriptwriting service or contact me for the quote.

Of course, I have a Professional Scriptwriter who will be happy to assist you. You can take the Premium package for the Scriptwriting service or contact me for the quote.

Yes, I have a team of writers who can write scripts for your 2d animation video or marketing video. We will be done with animation videos on illustrations. But that would be a costly inbox to get a custom offer for this.

Can You Do Changes In Voice-Over After Recording The Sales Promotional Videos?

Once the voice-over of sales promotional videos is recorded then I can’t be changeable. Because our voice-over artist doesn’t provide us unlimited revisions.

Who We Are

Madmation animation studio is home to creative professionals offering world class animation services.
We started out as a team of motion graphics and animated explainer videos about artists who began their careers with graphic designing and illustrations. We have created animated explainer videos for a wide range of businesses worldwide. We are now a full-cycle video production house – from scriptwriting and storyboards to sound design, voiceovers, and animation.

We love storytelling and enjoy sharing ideas through animation. But we don’t just make cute animations (though our animations are indeed cute!) we also ensure your marketing goals are met. We know just how to make an explainer video generate more leads and sales!

We love making connections and long term business relationships which result in mutual benefit. If that sounds like something you’re interested in contact us right now!

How It Works

It’s super easy to get your own custom animated explainer video with Madmation. Simply tell us about your great idea and your goals(how it works). Then you go over the script and voiceover we create for you, choose your style of animation and we’ll create an awesome animated explainer video to wow your audience! Your satisfaction is guaranteed because we offer unlimited revisions until you are happy with the animation.

Get A Quote

Got any questions? Want to discuss anything before placing an order? Confused about the process? We’re happy to help. Don’t hesitate to reach out!

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