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Video has gradually taken over the largest share of online content. According to research video will account for 80% of the total web traffic! Isn’t that incredible? At Madmation we know how important it is to utilize this powerful medium. In our 3 years of experience in producing high quality animated videos we have created a lot of very interesting video content for a number of different industries. Take a look at our portfolio below. If you like what you see place an order now.

Educational Video services


The world is changing and the way we learn about animation portfolio​ and teach is also changing. Video is a great medium for sharing ideas and educating your audience. Video helps with engagement and retaining the information. People who learn an animation portfolio through a video are likely to remember more than those who simply read about it.

Financial Services

Let’s be honest. Talking about finance is kind of dry. Plain figures, stats, and graphs are not very good at capturing the audience’s attention. Why not try video? With an animated video, you can bring your numbers to life. Convert your boring financial presentation portfolio into eye-catching graphics that make people pay attention. Isn’t that what you want?

Healthcare Video Production

Everyone wants to be healthy but not everyone understands what it takes to be healthy and make smart choices. Whether you have a healthcare product that you want to describe in simple terms or you need to create educational videos about health, animated videos are the best way to go about it.

Information Technology

Do you have a great new tech solution or an app to solve a problem? Great! But how well can you explain it? It’s important that you accurately convey complex ideas into simple concepts and show how your IT solution works.

Marketing & Advertising

In order for your marketing campaign to be successful it has to be engaging, fun, and memorable. An animated video does all three! Through animated characters, appealing graphics, background music, and the right voiceover, your video can elicit an emotional response from your audience.

Basic 2D Animation Portfolio

Madmation animation studio provides high quality video animation services using blender, simple animation plus 2d animation in Moho from basic to advanced. Our expert animated ad creators can help you create animated advertisement video to entice your target audience and get the results you seek.

Explore samples from our video production service below to learn what to expect from our video animation services.

Standard 2D Animation Portfolio

Madmation animation studio is a leading center of animated video production. Our top-quality video animation services have satisfied clients from numerous industries. 2D animation explainer videos have become an essential part of a solid digital marketing toolkit.

The right animation service can help you achieve your marketing targets. If you’re looking for a great animated video ad maker for your business, you’ve come to the right place. You can find samples from our animation service below so you know what to expect from our 2D animation agency.

Premium 2D Animation Portfolio

As a leading animation company and animated ad creator, we have created a number of advertisement videos. Our service has been trusted by thousands of happy clients over the years.

You can find samples from our video animation services below so you know what to expect from our 2D animation agency


Which things are required to get started?

To get started we simply need a few details about your business, your product or service, how it works, and what message you need to share with the animated video production.

What is Script?

Your animated video production script is the backbone of your animated video production. It’s the first step in our process. A script is what the animation service will be based around. You may provide your own script but if you’re not sure our in-house professional scriptwriters will create one for you.

What is the Voice over?

The voiceover is basically the background narration. A strong voiceover plays a big role in how your audience reacts to your video. Our professional voiceover artists add life to our animation services. You’re welcome to provide one in your own voice if you want.


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