Whiteboard Animation Services

In today’s busy world, traditional marketing and advertising often does not work, due to this best whiteboard animation company is preferable.

It’s a fast world and people are too busy to watch long boring advertisements. This is where our motion animation videos come in handy. The professionally crafted animation is customized to your needs and suits the audience you wish to reach.

Our animation explainer videos will help you stand out among the crowd of online chatter, and boost your business.

We also make videos for kids. Whiteboard animation is very suitable for making learning or educational videos that help explain complex concepts in a simple manner.

Your Whiteboard Animation Needs Fulfilled

Educational, explanatory, promotional, message-focused, training-focused, or literally whatever.

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Personal for Your Audience Only

The most interesting bit: whiteboard animations can be super-customized to exactly present whatever and however we want. That makes targeting super-easy, and extremely effective. Based on our deep research of your target audience, Madmation will produce whiteboard animations solely personal for your audience only. So your brand’s message can become memorable, and easily make a place in their heart, giving you the edge over your competitors. Super-targeted videos are proven to be more effective than lazy advertising.

Proven: 15% More Effective Branding

Whiteboard animation science: it boosts learning capability 15% better as compared to other forms of videos. Now, what does it mean for you? Your brand’s message, whether it’s ad, educational, or explanatory, will be easily understood by your audience. And not only that, but also it will give your brand a personality they will remember for a really long time, making branding more effective. Get started with Madmation to earn effective branding in the competitive marketing world.

When Attention Span is Less than 5 Seconds Only

Busy feeds, ads everywhere, hundreds of brands, multiple social media networks: this has dropped our attention span to less than 5 seconds only. Only something banger, powerful, and fascinating can grab attention and keep us hooked. The same goes for your target audience. If your brand fails to get their attention in the crowded online world, it means zero to none business for you.

But, keep your calm, because it’s your lucky day: you landed here at Madmation. We’ll create powerful engaging whiteboard animations for your brand to explain your product or services. We’ll help you reach more audience, stay trending, stay relevant in the fast-paced ad world, grab more sales, and more revenue. All with our studio-experts whiteboard illustrators that are ready to take your ideas, sprinkle our exclusive animation magic on it, and hand it over to you. And all without ever feeling heavier on your shoulders and your wallet. It’s easy, fast, and simple with Madmation. Get started now to reach a wider audience, create your brand buzz, and win more business.

33% More Social Shares

If you have a complex product or service, and want short few-sec ads to promote it on social media and video platforms, then Whiteboard explainer videos are your go-to choice. Madmation will create powerful, compelling, yet short and simple explainer videos that will educate and inspire your audience to engage deeper with your brand. Your audience will love them, and this is the reason these short character-filled explainer videos get 33% more shares. More shares means free branding, traffic, and sales for you. Give your audience what they want, and they will love to do business with you: whether your audience is regular consumer, corporate clients, or aliens on Mars, Madmation’s animation magic will help them understand your product or services, and bring them closer to you.

Sell More. 90% Shoppers Say Videos Affect Their Buying Habits

It’s an open secret. Videos convert more. People can visualize themselves, get to understand products better, and make a purchase decision faster and easier. And Whiteboard animation videos are even better. How and why?

They grab attention better with character-filled content, they’re short, can be highly customized for the target audience, and cost less than traditional videos. 2022 and beyond is the age of modern marketing: short, edgy, and fast-paced. And whiteboard animation makes it easier for you as a business owner to cope up with the production cost, and deliver the same engaging videos more often.

And with Madmation, it’s even more cost-friendly. Because we understand small to mid-business’ needs and budget limitations. This is the reason we’ve customized our services accordingly: we’re a compact team of passionate experts, doing everything from a studio – and that simply costs us less, so we charge you less, compared to our huge competitors. Get started now to save money.


Help Us Help You

Get started with your project now. Traditional forms of videos are becoming a thing of the past because they’re harder to produce. There is so much involved: hiring a video agency, waiting for months, paying big money, and at the end of the day, results are still risky. Let us help you with something modern and amazing: whiteboard animations, the proven trustworthy, less-costly, compelling, and effective.

Our Process

The success of our clients lies in our process. We make it simple and easy for you, and do the heavy burden-lifting ourselves. That leaves you happy and satisfied, and gives us a better chance to serve you with our services.

We take the project

Upon the call, message, or email, whatever you prefer. We take all the critical information from you. Don’t worry, if you still don’t know what exactly you need, or feel stuck, we always ask the right questions so you can tell us as much as possible to make your project a hit.


We discover, analyze, and breakdown strategies of your competitors, historical relevant videos, norms of current trending videos, your audience’s taste, demographics, and literally anything that can help.


Our studio-experts then start rough illustrations based on the research.

Story, script, sound effects, music

Based on the drawing and mood of the video, we create compelling story-based scripts, customized sound effects, and even add music if that can boost results.


Here, our exclusive magic begins. We merge everything here; we edit out unnecessary parts, and really spend so much time and energy here, leaving zero gap of improvement. This is where our years of experience, our understanding of the marketing and advertising world, and human nature helps us. And this is where we differ from our peers.

Finished Animation Submitted

Finally, we submit the finished art with you. If for any reason, you don’t love the piece, or want something changed, we start all over again without a question.

Happy you

Then you can distribute your publish-ready animations wherever you want and see the results pouring in. Get started.

Our Portfolio

Madmation has made a name for itself with top quality whiteboard animation video services. As a leading animation video company, we make sure to provide the best services to our clients. Are you looking for the right animation company to produce the advertisement videos that will positively impact your sales?

You’re at the right place! Explore samples from our services below to learn what to expect from our  best whiteboard video company.

Who We Are

Madmation is an best whiteboard animation company that is home to creative professionals offering  the world-class whiteboard animation services. We started out as a team of motion graphics and whiteboard video company  who began their careers

How it works

It’s super easy to get your own custom whiteboard animation studio, video editing service with Madmation. Simply tell us about your great idea and your goals. Then you go over the script and voice over we create for you, choose your style of animation

Free Trial

Not sure if an animated video service is what you need? No problem! Simply select the free trial and see if you like what we produce for you.With the free trial, you get a 20-second animated video for FREE! Zero commitment

FAQ’s About White Board Animation

Do You Create Custom Animations According To The Whiteboard?

Yes, I can create fully custom whiteboard animation but you have to send a message first with a script to get a quote for custom animations. I have Professional Voice-over artists of whiteboard animation who done the voice-over. You can let me know the accent and gender while placing the order.

Is The Revisions Include The Change In Script?

Unfortunately no, the given script is always the final one. Any changes in the script may attract extra charges.

Do You Also Offer Whiteboard Videos For More Than 30 Seconds?

Yes, there is no limitation on the length of the animations. We can handle any length. Just enter your right word count in the above packages and place your order. Or you can always message us for more clarification.

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