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Types Of Explainer Videos To Boost Your Business

Explainer videos are typically used to represent and explain a brand, company or boost your business’ services to the target audience. Whether you are starting out with a new small boost your business or designing an online learning course, explainer videos are your means to reach audiences. You basically explain your boost your business objectives, your motivations, structure, and the services you are going to provide.

However, there’s no one type of template for a perfect explainer video. Depending on the diversity of boost your businesses and online service stations, there are multiple types of explainer videos. Different types of explainer videos are better for representations of different kinds of boosting your businesses, brands, and services.

Some of these styles of explainer videos are quite renowned and popular while others may be underachievers. Naturally, not all these styles will match your boost your business or brand’s signature style and reputation. You might want to delve into these explainer videos types and see which one goes best with what services. Then, you can determine and go ahead with the choice of style for your brand’s marketing strategy.
These diverse and eclectic styles of explainer videos are as follows.

Best Explainer Videos Types to Boost your business
Various forms of explainer videos add different overlays, effects, and images to your products and services. You may use one kind of explainer video to describe one particular aspect of your services, and another for another aspect. Explainer videos can differently impact a product or service’s reputation and perspective so choose wisely.

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This one is likely the most popular and frequently used style when creating explainer videos. This is because 2D animation services offers a lot of flexibility and consequently countless different opportunities. It is a simple style at its core with cartoonish characters and backgrounds presented in a flat i.e 2-dimensional scape. This style despite being basic offers a plethora of opportunities to present the characters and backgrounds in many different situations.

1- 2D Animation
This flexibility allows the creators to develop and form various relatable situations. The situations and characters being relatable truly resonate with the viewers. Hence, these videos have the ability to convey your message to the target audience really well. People will naturally feel a connection to your product and truly see how your services can affect or transform their day-to-day lives.

2- Motion Graphics
On a surface level, motion graphics videos may appear quite similar to 2D animated videos. However, there are several differences and distinctions between the two. While 2D relies mostly on an effective design, motion graphics uses voiceovers. When motion graphics videos make use of audio narration for explaining, visual design takes a back seat. Voice overtakes on a prominent role and is mostly utilized to convey facts, data, numbers, etc.

Hence, while 2D animated videos better represent the more creative and relatable aspects, motion graphics are concerned with practicality and facts. Therefore, motion graphics are best used to present technological or financial aspects a boost your business or service.

3- 3D Animation
3D is basically a better and upgraded version of 2D animation. We know already that 2D uses a flat i.e 2-dimensional frame as a setting. 3D adds another dimension to it, consequently adding more detail, accuracy, and realism. 3D not only takes the height and width of the object of focus into account but also the depth. This style is best for presenting exquisite detail and clarity to your work.

However, 3D is heavy on both budget and time equally. While it requires a big budget, it also similarly requires big efforts and more time. It needs the animators and collaborators to put in more work hours and deliver a precisely fascinating outcome. Thus, if you have the required talent, time, and financial resources, you can opt for 3D. Because done appropriately, it gives out stunning results with marvelous clarity and details.

4- White Board Animation
This animation type can be called the minimalistic form of animation. It includes hand-drawn images and illustrations with colored lines on a whiteboard background. The hand-drawn material can include characters, backgrounds, various motions described through still life images and graphics. There can also be hand-scribbled text accompanying the drawings, and voice-over narrations included in whiteboard animation services.



Whiteboard animation is best for use in cases where a fatly delivered tale or information is needed. It all can be conveyed quite quickly through the animated cartoon characters and backgrounds and text as needed. It’s also ideal for when you want to keep it simple and don’t want to overwhelm or distract learners with too much unnecessary detail. This kind of animation also helps you avoid upsetting or overwhelming aspects of the story such as blood.

5- Live-Action
This kind of explainer video has actors, performers, and presenters conveying the information and explaining the products and services. These videos are made with real-life footage and little portions of animation and motion graphics. The minimal animation, illustrations, and graphics can help the presenters clarify the knowledge of the said product more accurately. The end goal is the same i.e to explain a product or service really well for marketing purposes.

These kinds of videos can also include real-life customers testimonials and reviews. Live-action explainer videos are also quite costly to produce. They require actors, costumes, sometimes locations too and all of those have extra costs. However, real-life presenters and testimonies help make the videos more relatable, believable, and credible.

6- Screencast
Screencast explainer videos can be seen as a variation of live-action videos which is cost-friendly. This option does not need actors or presenters. Boost your Businesses or brands just by demonstrating the specifications and functions of their products through images or illustrations on screen. These videos do not have a plot, story, or characters. Audio narration can accompany the text and illustrations for better explaining.

This is one of the most cost-effective options for explainer videos. It does not need many resources or a solid professional background to complete. Anyone with a little tact can make one that makes screencast videos best for beginners. Newer setups with limited financial resources and income can benefit from screencast videos for marketing and advertising. These videos can present the specifications of digital apps and software really well.

7- Kinetic Typography
This is a unique one among the types of explainer videos. As suggested by the name, it has to do with typography. This means that you record your screen while typing the message you want to give out. Eventually, you will have a kinetic typography explainer video for your product or service. Make sure to choose the wording of your message and font of the text carefully. Make it as exciting and relatable as possible.

While it may be unique, you can use this method to stand out in your sales/promotional videos. With no extra costs at all, however, your message should be exceptional. And it should be supported by an equally creative and fascinating font and format.

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